Monday, June 20, 2011

Paris...Oui Oui!

This is a statue of I believe Michael, the archangel fighting the devil... It was at a fountain near our hostel in Paris (Fontaine Saint-Michel). :) 

Also at the fountain. 

Larger view of the fountain... and my friends Carter and Miles. 


Pretty building... to be honest, we didn't have a tour guide so we didnt know the significance of a lot of the buildings, but they were gorgeous nonetheless. 

River Seine I believe. :) its HUGE.

Man riding a pink scooter. legit. 

Johnny with Notre Dame in the background...

another pretty building.

Notre Dame --->

The Louvre! 

That was just a snapshot of all the things I saw while I was in Paris! I can update with more stories when I finally get to breathe after I get back to the states this weekend, plus its hot in this library.

Paris was beautiful. It was also really dirty, and we stayed in a sketchy hotel, but being back in Pamplona and thinking about the trip made me really glad for how it turned out... We had the time of our lives, and made some good and hilarious memories. :)

Hope you have a lovely Monday! Back to the Guggenheim on Wednesday, final exams that morning, a talent show Thursday night, off to Madrid on Friday, and back in Stephenville on Sunday evening. I PROMISE TO KISS THE GROUND. :) lol

oh, and we dined in front of the Eiffel Tower that night, a video is coming very shortly of it lighting up. It was magnificent and definitely something I won't forget!